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Lights at night

These are the lights that any craft must show from sunset to sunrise and also in or near restricted visibility. They vary according to a crafts size and there are different lights for vessels under power and vessels under sail.

Power driven vessels underway

Over 50m

Masthead light - second masthead light aft and higher - sidelights - sternlights

Power vessel over 50m

Under 50m

Masthead light - sidelights and sternlight

Power vessel under 50m

Under 12m

May show all-round white light (instead of masthead light and sternlight) + sidelights.

Power vessel under 12m

Under 7m and speed under 7 knots

May show all round white light only.

Power vessel under 7m

Vessels under sail

Sidelights and sternlights only - no masthead light.

Sail vessel - no masthead

Under 20m may have combined masthead lantern (red/green/white) with no other lights.

Sail vessel - under 20m

(Rare) A yacht may carry an all-round red over green, plus side and stren lights.

Sail vessel - rare

A sailing yacht when motor sailing shows the same lights

Sailing vessel - motor

Non powered vessels under 7m i.e. canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and rowing dinghies must show a white light or use a torch to indicate its presence.

Vessels at anchor

Under 50m

All round white light forward

Anchor under 50m

Over 50m

A second white aft (lower than for'd light)

Anchor over 50m

By day

One ball 

Anchor by day