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Bay of Plenty has lots of recreational and commercial diving opportunities.

The following is a list of rules and reccomendations:

  • Always dive in pairs and have an observer in the boat
  • Do not dive in shipping lanes or areas of frequent traffic
  • Agree to a dive plan, and then adhere to it
  • Display the International Code A Flag from the dive boat
  • Do not exceed 5 knots within 200 metres of a Code A flag.

The Code A Flag means: “I have a diver down, keep well clear at slow speed”. 

The dive flag must not be less than 600 mm by 600 mm in size and must be visible from a distance of 200 metres.

All craft must reduce speed to a maximum of five knots within 200 metres of a Code A Flag.

This flag may also be attached to a small marker buoy towed by a diver.

It may also be flown by craft escorting long distance swimmers.

Diving Flag