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Bar Crossing Videos

Bar crossings are a high risk activity for even the most experienced boatie. Bay of Plenty Regional Council has paired up with Waikato Regional Council with funding from ACC and Maritime NZ to produce five bar crossing films in association with Coastguard and NZ Police.

These films will walk you through the key safety steps to undertake to ensure you make a safer bar crossing.

View the bar cams

Important safety guidelines to follow

  • Check the weather - do this within 12 hours of your boating trip.
  • Check the tide - always avoid low tide.
  • Talk to a local about the bar conditions.
  • Tie down any loose objects such as anchor, and ropes.
  • Everyone must wear a lifejacket.
  • Contact Coastguard (on VHF) immediately prior to crossing and confirm successful crossing after.
  • Avoid ebb tide (The period between high tide and low tide during which water flows away from the shore, also called falling tide).

If in doubt - don't go out!