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Unwanted Marine Pests

Unwanted marine pests have been recorded in New Zealand waters. They’re easily spread through ballast water and hull fouling, threatening our fabulous underwater environments, seafood stocks and aquaculture industry. They can also cause costly and unsightly damage to boat equipment, wharves and other marine structures.

Stop the spread – protect your favourite fishing and diving spots by keeping your boat hull clean and anti-fouled.

  • Keep your boat bottom and any niche areas clean (no more than light slime, all the time)
  • Keep your anti-fouling paint fresh - manufacturers usually recommend replacement every 1-2 years
  • Check your hull before you travel to a new area, every time
  • If your boat is heavily fouled, haul it out.

Visit for more information and links to a hull cleaning guide.

Visiting a marina in the Bay of Plenty?

To prevent the spread of marine pests, Bay of Plenty marinas require visiting vessels to have been recently cleaned. That means:

  • Antifouled in the last six months
  • Lifted and washed in the last month

PROVE IT! Haul out and paint receipts - check with the marina what proof is required. Some high-risk vessels may be subject to additional marina requirements.

Pest Infested Boat