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Contents of a Safety Plan

For the purpose of this application, a safety plan is required to be submitted and shall include, but not to be limited to:

  • Analysis of all risks involved in the event and what measures will be used to eliminate, isolate or minimise those hazards
  • Numbers and types of vessels and/or people involved
  • Map of event course(s) and required reserved areas
  • Average and maximum vessel speeds involved
  • Numbers and types of patrol/marshal/safety vessels and how thay will be used to manage risk including preventing unauthorised vessels from entering any reserved areas
  • Details of any significant safety incidents from previous events thats; have been held by the event orgniser, or the event safety officer has been involved in, within New Zealand in the last 5 years. Please provide details of lessons learnt and measures used to reduce similar incidents occuring
  • A communication plan between organisers and Council
  • Justification for any reserved areas and bylaw uplifting requested
  • Qualifications and/or experience of Event Organiser and Event Safety Officer
  • Contact details of Event Organiser and Event Safety Organiser
  • Schedule of Safety Briefings and key messages
  • Insurance held for the event
  • Afflilations to any national bodies that oversee the event or standards that apply to the event

Bay of Plenty Regional Council advises that a safety plan that only covers the above list is unlikely going to manage all of your risks under other statutes (such as Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992). We strongly advise you to obtain experienced assistance if you have never completed a safety plan before.