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DRAFT Region-wide Water Quantity Plan Change

Input and feedback from 172 key stakeholders, iwi and members of the general public was collected through an informal consultation process between August and December 2015, based on a DRAFT Region-wide Water Quantity Plan Change.

These reports outline the feedback received and Council's response:

The DRAFT plan change was ammended based on feedback received and became the PROPOSED Region-Wide Water Quantity Plan Change which was notified for public submissions in October 2016.

Draft Region-Wide Water Quantity Plan Change consultation information - August 2015

NB: This information has been superseded by Proposed Plan Change 9 documents which were notified for public submissions on 18 October 2016.

Background information

There are four steps to this plan change process – the first and the one we’re currently in is purely a feedback stage.

We haven’t started a formal process yet – rather this is an opportunity for you to tell us what you think about our proposals, and for us to use that feedback to make changes. We want you to let us know if we are on the right track before we begin the statutory process early next year.


Reference documents:

Water Sustainability Strategy  
Assessing unconsented or permitted water use in the Bay of Plenty Region 2015 (Aqualinc) 1.11MB, pdf 
First in first served allocation 2007 (Enfocus)  123KB, pdf
NERMN Groundwater Monitoring Report Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 6.87MB, pdf 6.97MB, pdf 6.95MB, pdf 1.98MB, pdf
Review of Chapter 5 - Regional Water and Land Plan Water Quantity and Allocation and section 9.6 Take and use of water rules 38 to 43 (Opus International Consultations)  2MB, pdf
Reasonable Stock Water Requirements Guidelines (Horizons)  546KB, pdf
Water Allocation Status Report to Operations Monitoring and Reporting Committee - June 2013

444KB, pdf 

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions raised at through DRAFT Region-Wide Water Quantity Plan Change consultation are answered on our Frequently Asked Question page.