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Ford Road pump station upgrade

The Ford Rd pump station is a key asset in the Kaituna Catchment Rivers and Drainage Control Scheme that is maintained by Regional Council on behalf of the community. The pump station:

  1. Reduces the risk of damage to people, property and pasture by clearing flood waters within three days for all but the largest rainfall events.
  2. Supports productive use of low lying land on the eastern side of the lower Kaituna catchment by maintaining ground water levels below the pasture root zone in the serviced area.

It's located beside the lower Kaituna River at the Ford Road boat ramp, near Ford's cut. The pump station is circled red in the photo below, which also shows flooding in the area after Cyclone Debbie in April 2017.

Ford Road pump station April 2017 

Upgrade to maintain service levels

The existing Ford Road pump station is nearing the end of its useful life, and needs replacement in order to maintain safe operation and current service levels. 

Council is currently exploring options for replacing the system with an upgraded pumping facility that will be designed to:

  • Meet our current Level of Service agreement with the community, which commits us to pumping all the water from a 20% AEP* sized storm away from the service area within three days.
  • Support safe, reliable and efficient operation of the drainage system.
  • Meet modern consent requirements and water quality standards.
  • Cope with sinking ground levels (due to peat shrinkage).
  • Consider the demands of new land development (such as the proposed Rangiuru Business Park), the increased rainfall and groundwater levels that climate change is bringing, and allow for future-proofing.
  • Consider changes to the Kaituna River flowpath that will result from the planned Kaituna River re-diversion
  • Align with Council and community aspirations for a healthier Kaituna River and Te Awa o Ngatoroirangi/Maketu Estuary environment.

* 20% AEP (Annual Exceedance Probability) describes a storm that statistically has a 20 percent chance of occurring in any one year. It can also be described as a storm size that (on average) is likely to occur once every five years (based on historic rainfall data).

Process and timeframes

The full scope and details of the Ford Road pump station upgrade are still being defined. Our first step is to examine the range of possible options, sites, opportunities and risks.

Work in 2017/18 is focused on gathering information, options assessment and community consultation. A preferred option will be consulted on, costed and presented to Councillors for consideration later in 2018. 

Have your say

If you'd like to find out more, or want to share any ideas, concerns or comments about the project with us, please contact the Project Manager, Kathy Thiel-Lardon:

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