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The Resource Consent Process

Click on the thumbnail below to see a diagram of the consent process. 

Series 2 Apply Resource Consent Process diagram

Basically, when we receive your application for a resource consent, it is checked to make sure there is enough information to start processing. If there is insufficient information, you will be contacted and given an opportunity to provide the information, or your application can be returned to you. If you disagree with our decision you can lodge a formal appeal or objection. If the application is accepted to begin processing it will be allocated to a Consents Officer who will be responsible for ensuring your application is processed. 

You will be sent a letter confirming your application has been received, and who will be dealing with your application and their contact details.  

If the Consents Officer decides your application needs further information or clarification then you will be contacted and asked to provide this information. If you still want your proposal to be considered, you will need supply the requested information within 15 working days.  During this time the 'clock is stopped' and processing of your consent is suspended until the information is provided.

Once the Consents Officer has all the required information, they will decide if your consent needs to be notified.