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Applying for a Resource Consent

tauranga harbour

We recommend talking to a Consents Officer before you apply for a consent. We can help you with what information you need to supply and tell you want type of consent you will need. You can contact us to discuss your application before or during processing on 0800 884 880.

Check out our webpage The Resource Consent process for more information on how your consent is processed. 

All of the information on this page can be found in our factsheet What you need to know before you apply for a resource consent.

Required information

There is certain information you must supply with your application in order for us to process it. The more accurate and complete the information you supply, the quicker we can process your application.

When filling out your application you should include:

  • A description of the activity you are proposing
  • Details about the location of your activity such as a map, aerial photograph or detailed sketch plan that at least shows:
    • orientation (with north arrow and scale)
    • your property boundary and neighbouring properties
    • the nearest country road or state highway
    • the location of any waterways, wetlands or wildlife habitats in the area
    • any known historic or waahi tapu sites
    • any known geothermal features

(Submitting a sketch map instead of a map or photograph may delay the processing of your consent if it is not clear where the activity is located. If you do not have access to mapping software or aerial photographs you can use our Regional Mapping website to locate your property and print a map.)

  • Any specific information requested on the relevant Resource Consent application form. 
  • An Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE). Basically an AEE should include a description of any potential adverse effects on the environment, and how these are to be avoided remedied or mitigated. For more information on how to prepare an AEE see the Ministry for the Environment Guide To Preparing a Basic AEE.
  • A description of the site including relevant features such as streams, wetlands, vegetation, past development and the wider environment. 
  • A detailed description of any consultation undertaken.

Click here to download resource consent application forms.

When completed, please email your application documents to