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Resource Consents

Resource consents allow people or organisations to do something that may have an effect on our environment. They help ensure that any effect on the environment is managed sustainably. Under the Resource Management Act 1991 you must apply for a resource consent if you wish to do something that is not permitted by district or regional plans. 

Click on the image or links below for more information on the different stages of the resource consent process or check out the Ministry for the Environment guidelines here


Find out what activities need a resource consent, what it will cost to get one and what happens when one expires. 

Resource Consents are issued under the Resource Management Act 1991. There is a set process, with set timeframes that Councils need to follow.  

Find out what application form you need to apply for a resource consent for your activity, access guidelines to help you through the process and where you can create a map. 

An assessment of environmental effects is a key component of a resource consent application and the requirements are set out in the Resource Management Act 1991.

Consultation with affected parties will generally help smooth the processing of a resource consent application. Learn about what's involved and why its important here.

We have an obligation to monitor resource consents which have an effect on the environment and take appropriate action where necessary. Learn about our monitoring and compliance programme as well as the ongoing costs here.

Read about notified applications and recent decisions, how to make a submission and hearings here.

Consent mapping

  • If you need to supply a site map of your property with your resource consent application, you can use our regional mapping tool to locate your property and print a map. Click to go to the Bay Explorer website 

    If you would like to find out about current consents issued by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, and where they are, please use our Bay of Plenty Regional Council Current Consents map. Click to go to the BOPRC Current Consents page