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Pre-hearing meetings

Pre-hearing meetings are an informal way for consent applicants and submitters to meet and discuss the application and issues they may have. They help the submitters and applicants to:

  • Understand more clearly what the applicant proposes to do
  • Learn more about how the proposal will affect (or not affect) the environment and other people
  • Identify whether the applicant requires further information
  • Discuss any issues and concerns with those who can provide the answers
  • Come up with options as a group that resolve your individual concerns

If a pre-hearing meeting is considered helpful and time allows, Bay of Plenty Regional Council will organise the meeting after submissions have closed and invite all the submitters and the applicant to attend. Bay of Plenty Regional Council staff will attend the meeting and will allocate a chairperson who will facilitate discussion. The Chair may be someone from Bay of Plenty Regional Council or someone independent.

Pre-hearing meetings are not a compulsory step in the Resource Consent Process and therefore not always held. 

You can contact us on the details below find out if there are any pre-hearing meetings for applications you are interested in.