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Resource Consent Compliance

The Compliance team monitors all resource consents in the region to ensure consent conditions are being met.

Pollution Hotline 0800 884 883

The Compliance team operates a 24 hour Pollution Hotline, taking and acting on calls from the public concerned about the pollution of solids, liquids or gases to the environment. If you want to report any suspected pollution, please call the Pollution Hotline on 0800 884 883.

Compliance for consent holders

Some consents holders (particularly water consents) are required to keep records and submit them to council.

If you have a water take consent (for ground or surface water) for irrigation or frost protection, you will need to fill out the Daily Water Monitoring Sheet and send this in regularly (monthly to annually depending on your consent conditions).

If you have a consent to take more than 5 litres of water per second, you may need to install a water meter under new Government Regulations.  Check out our Water Metering Page for more information.

Find out more about how we can help you comply with your consent conditions.

Irrigation NZ have issued some advice for irrigators to help them manage their water allocation during dry conditions. See here >>

Waste Treatment Contacts

If you need to know who you can contact for specialist services related to compliance, please see our Waste Treatment Contacts.

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