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Resource Consent Application Forms

You can download Bay of Plenty Regional Council consent application forms here, and fill them in electronically or by hand.

You need to fill out a specific activity consent form for each application you make. These forms are provided as a guide for general applications.

Further information may be required for your particular situation, or if your proposal is large. Consent applications will only be processed with an original signature and accompanying deposit fee. You can also obtain forms from any Bay of Plenty Regional Council office, or call the Consents Administration team on 0800 884 880 and request that forms to be sent to you.

To fill out the form electronically:

  • Click on the 'electronic' version of the application form. Choose 'Save' the document (to your computer), then open it.    
  • The form will open at the first fill-in field.
  • Use the TAB button or your mouse to move between fields.
  • Do not use the RETURN/ENTER button.
  • For the tick box fields use your SPACE BAR (or use the mouse to check these boxes).
  • Save the document again to ensure you have a copy, then print a copy and sign it.

You can also print out the form and then fill it in by hand.

Post to: Bay of Plenty Regional Council, P O Box 364, Whakatane 3158


If you need a map of your property to accompany your application you can use our Regional Mapping  tool. 

Find out about Costs of consents.

See Applying for a Consent for more information about what to include in your application. 

Activity applications forms 

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