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Matahina Dam Resource Consent Replacement

TrustPower Limited has applied for resource consents to replace resource consent 22195.  These resource consents are required for the ongoing existence of the Matahina Dam on the Rangitaiki River and the associated operation of the Hydroelectric Power Scheme.

Click here to find out details of the TrustPower - Matahina Dam Hearing >>

Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) and Application documents

Due to size, this document has been split into sections for downloading:

The following documents are too large to download.  If you want these, you can request a CD copy from the Water Administration Team at  Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

  • Appendix 1 - Assessment of Archaeological, Historical and Cultural Resources
  • Appendix 2 - Assessment of Recreation and Tourism
  • Appendix 3 - Assessment of Natural Character, Landscape and Visual Amenity
  • Appendix 4 - Assessment of Lakeshore Erosion
  • Appendix 5 - Assessment of Hydrology, River Hydraulics and Riverbank Erosion
  • Appendix 6 - Assessment of Civil and Geotechnical Engineering Matters
  • Appendix 7 - Assessment of Aquatic Ecology
  • Appendix 8 - Assessment of Aquatic and Wetland Avifauna
  • Appendix 9 - Assessment of Terrestrial Ecology
  • Appendix 10 - Assessment of Economic Considerations