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Consultation is an important part of a resource consent application. The purpose of undertaking consultation is to see how other people may be negatively affected by your proposed activity and then how you can avoid, remedy or mitigate these negative effects.

A consultation can be undertaken by yourself during your application, or we can carry out an investigation after we have received your application. The process will be faster if it is undertaken during your application, before it gets to us.

We can help you to identify who you'll need to consult with but generally every person or party that is interested in, or is likely to be affected by your proposed activity should be consulted with. This often includes:

Everyone you consult with should be provided with all the relevant information on your proposal.

For more information on writing an AEE see our Consultation Guidelines document or contact us 0800 884 800

Statutory Acknowledgements

Statutory Acknowledgements are agreements between the Central Government and Iwi as a result of Treaty negotiations. Where an iwi holds a Statutory Acknowledgement over a resource, consultation with them must occur. Contact a Consents Officer to find out more about whether any Statutory Acknowledgements are relevant to your proposal. Use the link below to view this document.

Statutory acknowledgement document