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Fees and charges

How much is the resource consent application fee?

There is a deposit fee of $774 (GST inclusive) plus officers processing time at $106/hour. The fees are based on an actual and reasonable basis.

Why have the resource consent application fee charges increased?

A letter was sent to all consent holders earlier this year advising that the fixed fee associated with processing consent applications for existing lake structures would be changing to the general application fee i.e. a deposit fee of $774 (GST inclusive). This fee is in line with all other resource consent applications.

Are there annual fees for Lake Structures?

Lake Structures are now on a 10 year auditing regime and there are currently no annual charges. Charges will occur only when your lake structure is audited (unless there are ongoing compliance issues). This process can however change from year to year as it is subject to an annual submission process.

How are these charges set?

The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) promotes the sustainable management of natural physical resources. It sets out how we should manage our environment and forms the foundation for the majority of our work.

To carry out our work under the RMA, we process resource consents, monitor and manage consented and other authorised activities and monitor the state of the region’s resources. The costs associated with this work are set under section 36 of the RMA and we pass these costs along to applicants and consent holders. These costs are included in our Resource Management Act and Building Act Charges Policy.

The RMA and Building Act Charges Policy gets reveiwed each year and is currently open for submissions. Visit to learn more or click here to see a copy of the current Policy.  

Printed copies can be requested from our Regulatory Administration Team.

How do the fees work if I have multiple structures?

1 hour for the first structure + base fee (15mins for every additional related structure).

I have just received an invoice with Compliance/Supervision Monitoring charges. Can you please explain these charges?

The staff charge covers the contractors time and office staff time prior and post the site audit.

The Base Charge as per Councils Section 36 charges policy covers the following:-

The base charge is $99 (GST exclusive, rounded up from $98.64) per consent that is subject to annual charges. This charge covers the costs associated with:

  • Maintaining and improving the consent database and associated records.
  • Compiling and monitoring accounts, dealing with general enquiries from consent holders (including surrenders) and general administrative actions.
  • Section 36 policy development and maintenance.

The base charge is not applicable in the following cases in accordance with previous Council policy decisions:

(a) Long term consents for structures, reclamations or diversions in the Coastal Marine Area, rivers and lakes unless an inspection has been carried out and the consent holder charged as per Schedule 1A or 2A.

Please bear in mind that under the current Section 36 Charges Policy lake structures auditing and sub sequential invoicing will only occur every 10 years. This is subject to annual review through a submission process.

Therefore under the current regime unless there are any compliance issues with your lake structure you will not receive another monitoring invoice from BOPRC (Bay of Plenty Regional Council) for 10 years. There will be a fee for your replacement resource consent.