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Changing a lake structure

All of the activities listed below will require a new application. Please contact the duty consents officer on 0800 884 880 to discuss your situation before making these applications.

What if I want to extend my lake structure?

Any proposed change to the shape or footprint of the existing structure will not be able to be included in this stream-lined approach. To extend, or change your lake structure is a separate process. You need to apply for a new resource consent and land owner consent separate to this process. Check out the forms in the right hand panel.

What if I have other existing lake structures or other works relating to my lake structure that I would like to include with my consent application?

It would make sense to include in your lake structure consent application any other existing lake structures that existed prior to the 1991 Resource Management Act, lake structures that you would like to keep and/or works in the lake that you would like to undertake now or in the future. This can include any of the following:-

Existing Structures – Retaining Walls, Moorings, Pontoons or similar types of structures

Removal of vegetation – If you require vegetation to be removed in conjunction with maintaining and using your structure.

Dredging – If you require dredging to access and use your lake structure

All of the above processes will require additional affected party consent approval from some or all of the various agencies (DOC, LINZ, TALT, Fish and Game, RLC). It is highly recommended that you obtain these approvals prior to lodging your consent application as you will require lake/lakebed owner approval and it will allow your consent to be processed in a relatively streamlined manner.

You will also require engineering reports for existing lake structures and detailed information including methodology, area  etc for removal of vegetation and dredging.