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Carrying out Lake Structure Maintenance

Carrying out lake structure maintenance

It’s important lake structures are kept in good condition and are structurally sound. This is also a requirement under each resource consent. In keeping this structure safe, any maintenance works must remain within the existing footprint (including height) and Regional Council must be notified via email before these are carried out.

If you are looking to carry out works outside of the existing footprint, and your structure sits on or in a lake bed owned by the Te Arawa Lakes Trust, then approval from Te Arawa Lakes Trust must be sought prior. Resource consent would also be required and must be applied for prior. Consent from Te Arawa Lakes Trust after modifications have taken place will not be approved. Contact details for the Te Arawa Lakes Trust can be found here.

There is an exclusion period for undertaking maintenance works during the Dabchick breeding season (1 September until 31 December). Written permission needs to be obtained from DOC who will only approve works during this timeframe where public safety is at risk.

Building consent

These consents are issued by the Rotorua Lakes Council. Jetties are exempt from the building consent process if height above the waterline is less than 1.5m or they form an integral part of another structure. Maintenance works on boat sheds or lake structures do require building consent where a component has failed to meet the durability of the requirements of the Building Code that are 50 years for structural components and 15 years for the likes of cladding systems. When you are undertaking maintenance works, you need to ensure that building code requirements are met. Building consent is also required where the footprint of any structure is altered.