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Waste Resources Advisory Group

The Waste Resources Advisory Group (WRAG) is made up of district and city councils, community groups, Toi Te Ora Public Health and a variety of industry and businesses with an interest in managing waste. Bay of Plenty Regional Council facilitates the group's meetings, which are held four times a year.

WRAG collaboration is focused on maximising the benefits and minimising the harm from waste in the Bay of Plenty region.

WRAG has an annual $50,000 contestable fund available for applicants from any organisation, business, council, industry or community group who have a project that promotes and progresses the Regional Waste and Resource Efficiency Strategy goals.

The WRAG Fund is intended to support several projects annually that offer new, innovative or collaborative ways to manage or reduce waste and benefit communities in the Bay of Plenty. A project will be more likely to receive funding if other co-funding sources are established. Projects delivered in, or directly impacting the Bay of Plenty region are given priority. Funding applications are scored against criteria based on alignment with the Strategy.  

2016 WRAG fund projects

Three waste reduction projects received funding for their projects in 2016. The successful projects are:

Environment Education for Resource Sustainability Trust  received funds to purchase a specialised sewing machine, needles, thread and a sewing chair. This will assist them in their work to upcycle and recover resources that were previously going to landfill, generate employment from previously wasted materials and do more in the community. 

Project Litefoot Trust works with sports clubs across the region to introduce recycling and resource recovery initiatives. They received funds to visit the clubs selected for inclusion in the program as well as for the installation and monitoring of recycling stations in each club. At the same time, the clubs buildings and premises will be assessed for electricity reduction and water saving measures.

Good Neighbour Food Rescue received funds to support the ongoing operational costs of running the charity. They continue to grow their edible food collection and re-distribution service in leaps and bounds, diverting on average 4000kgs of edible food a week from supermarkets, food markets and café’s to local charities.

About the WRAG

Read the Waste Resources Efficiency Strategy 

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