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Pollution and Complaints


Pollution ranges from sediment discharges from natural landslides contaminating water courses and drinking supplies, through to farm and industrial runoff entering groundwater, lakes and rivers.

Discharging contaminants into the air affects air quality in the Bay of Plenty. Contaminants are discharged into air both from natural sources and as a result of human activity.

Natural sources of contaminants into air include volcanoes, other areas of geothermal activity, pollen, wind-blown dust, sea spray, and organic breakdown.

For more information about the Bay of Plenty's air, visit our air pages.

Contact the pollution hotline if you have any problems with air pollution - 0800 884 883

Air Monitoring

We need to monitor the level of contaminants to establish trends in contaminant levels.

Reducing Emissions

Read these useful tips to reduce your vehicle's emissions.

Open Burnings

Learn about best practice when carrying out an open burning.

Agrichemical Spraydrift

Find out about agrichemical spraydrift and what you can do to prevent it.