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Independent and Cultural Monitor

Independent Monitor

Andrew Kohlrusch Independent Monitor, Andrew Kohlrusch Matt James Field Observer, Matt James

The purpose of the Independent Monitor role is to provide a review of the implementation of the project which is independent of both BOPRC’s function as consent authority and also as consent holder.

The objectives of the role are:

  • Monitor all activities carried out under the consents.
  • Provide independent advice to the community through the community liaison group and the project team.
  • Provide the community with high level assurance that the project is carried out in accordance with the consent conditions and Remedial Action Plan, especially mitigation measures to ensure that public health and the environment are protected.
  • Confirm that the project is carried out in general accordance with the Remedial Action Plan and associated monitoring and management planning documents.
  • Identification of risks and issues that may arise during the implementation of the project.
  • Oversee the monitoring and validation programme and ensure that the remediation meets standards set in the Remedial Action Plan.
  • Provide independent advice to the consent holder and consent authority.

The Independent Monitor is appropriately qualified and experienced in contaminated land remediation, with at least 10 years relevant experience. Expertise with large-scale dioxin investigation and remediation projects is evidenced. The role requires a high level of technical expertise along with the ability to engage with the local community.

To ensure the necessary degree of independence, the appointment of the Independent Monitor was carried out by a selection panel comprising representatives from the Community Liaison Group, the Consent Authority, the Ministry for the Environment, the Ministry of Health and the Project Manager.

Full terms of reference for the Independent Monitor are available here. You can read the Independent Monitor's monthly reports on the Reports and key documents page.

Cultural Monitor

Cultural monitor Eula Toko Cultural Monitor, Eula Toko

The purpose of the Cultural Monitor role is to observe activities associated with the excavation and earthworks to implement Ngati Awa’s protocol for dealing with any Koiwi or Taonga discovered during the works and also to provide cultural advice to contractors and Project Team members.

The objectives of the role are:

  • To undertake background research to assist the early identification of any koiwi or taonga.
  • To provide guidance to the Project Team and ensure that appropriate processes are followed in the event that culturally significant artefacts are encountered during the works.
  • To ensure that all activities are carried out in a culturally sensitive manner.
  • To provide input to the Project Team in relation to cultural considerations and requirements to be adopted throughout the project.

Full terms of reference for the Cultural Monitor are available here.