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Community Liaison Group

The Community Liaison Group (CLG) was formed in 2015 to provide two-way information sharing about the project between the consent holder and the community. It meets regularly and agendas and minutes from meetings held in the last 12 months are at the bottom of this page. For earlier meeting materials, please contact us at the below address.

The next Community Liaison Group meeting has been set for Tuesday 23 January 2018. Please email to register your interest in attending.

CLG background

The CLG is a forward-looking group that seeks the best outcomes for the project and the community by ensuring the free-flow of information, transparency and practical advice to the project.

The CLG supports the project by:

  1. Helping to ensure that the community is well-informed with accurate and timely information about the project, including progress, monitoring results and any issues.
  2. Providing community feedback to the project team so the project can respond to any concerns. This will be done by establishing a database and managing the information and actions required of the project team members, and through the approval of the communications plan.
  3. Appointing a member of the CLG to the selection panel for the independent monitor. 
  4. Appointing a member of the CLG to the project steering group. 

The CLG was formed through a process of invitation to submitters and stakeholders identified in the consent conditions. Attendees were invited from the area around Containment Site 1 (CS1), CS2 and CS3, the Department of Conservation, Toi Te Ora Public Health, WDC, Whakatāne Harbour Care Group, Fish and Game, NZTA, Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Awa, SWAP, Federated Farmers, Whakatane Waimana Rivers Scheme Liaison Group, Hokowhitu Marae and Andrew Kohlrusch, the Independent Monitor. You can view full terms of reference.(233KB, pdf). 

All meetings are open to the public. Please contact us if you would like to address the meeting in the public section so that time can be set aside in the agenda.

Agendas and Minutes of CLG meetings

Date                            Agenda                                 Minutes
21 November 2017 21 11 2017 Agenda (43KB, pdf)

22 11 2017 DRAFT Minutes (198KB, pdf)

Project Manager Presentation to CLG 21 November 2017 (6.5MB, pdf)

20 June 2017 20 06 2017 Agenda (43KB, pdf)

20 06 2017 Minutes (110.5KB, pdf)

Project Manager Presentation to CLG 20 June 2017 (2.14MB, pdf)

Flood Management Presentation to CLG 20 June 2017 (4.68MB, pdf)

16 May 2017 16 05 2017 Agenda (42.9KB, pdf)

16 05 2017 Minutes (141.2KB, pdf)

Project Manager Presentation to CLG 16 May 2017 (2.53MB)

28 March 2017 28 03 2017 Agenda (40.7KB, pdf)

28 03 2017 Minutes (137.7KB, pdf)

Project Manager Presentation to CLG 28 Mar 2017 (981.5KB, pdf)

14 February 2017 14 02 2017 Agenda (42.0KB, pdf)

14 02 2017 Minutes (248KB, pdf)

Project Manager Presentation to CLG 14 Feb 2017 (1.62MB, pdf)

EnviroWaste Presentation to CLG 14 Feb 2017 (830KB, pdf)