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Hazardous Activities and Industries List (HAIL) register

Identification of HAIL activities in the region

To fulfil our section 30 RMA function, the Bay of Plenty Regional Council is required to keep a record of past or present hazardous activities that have the potential to cause contamination.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council has created a database called the Selected Land Use Register to record HAIL information. We have been working with our local territorial authorities (city and district councils) to identify and populate the register with sites that have had past or present hazardous activities located on them.

The Selected Land Use Register currently holds approximately 900 sites from across the region. These sites are divided into the following categories: Contamination Confirmed, Contamination Managed, Contamination Acceptable/ Remediated, No Identified Contamination, Verified Site History and Unverified Site History. Refer to the classification category below for further explanation.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council has an ongoing work programme to continue with identification and recording of sites where HAIL activities have been carried out.

Hail information request form

Please complete this form if you are interested in a specific property.

Registering orchards on HAIL

We are currently registering all orchards across the region on our HAIL Selected Land Use register.

Orchard land is included because of the use or bulk storage of persistent pesticides. Registration on HAIL does not mean the land is contaminated. As long as the orchard remains in production landowners are not required to undertake any site investigation or soil testing.

However if there is a change in land use of previous orchard land, such as converting it into a residential subdivision, the site will need to be investigated and soil samples may need to be tested.

Landowners will need to prove the soils are suitable for the proposed new use, and will not cause any adverse effects on human health or the environment. The thousands of orchard owners in the Bay of Plenty are being contacted with a site report outlining the information we hold on their site.

Landowners will have time to respond to the information we hold if they consider the information inaccurate. Once the information is agreed, the record forms part of the Land Information Memorandum (LIM) for the site.

If you want to know more about this registration, read our frequently asked questions. Contact Project Manager Emma Joss on 0800 884 880.

Diagram for HAIL Orchard Registration project