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Compliance Reporting

The Regulatory Compliance team monitors resource consents to ensure conditions within them are met. How often a consent is inspected depends on the risk to the environment and history of compliance. Each year this information is pulled into a summary report that looks at compliance by activity and location. The report also looks at complaints that come through our Pollution Hotline. Combined, the Compliance reports give a great overview of environmental monitoring across the region. Click on the links below to read these summary reports.

Regulatory Compliance Report

02 Overall Compliance By Wma V2

Pollution Prevention & Compliance Report 2016/2017 (2.9MB) pdf

Pollution Prevention & Compliance Report 2015/2016 (2.14MB) pdf

Pollution Prevention & Compliance Report 2014/2015 (11432KB) pdf



With a strong national emphasis on compliance by the dairy sector as well as those who have consent to take water for various activities we have also collated a summary of work happening in these areas. 

Dairy effluent compliance

Cow and calf


Farm Dairy Effluent snapshot 2017/2018 season (3MB)pdf
Farm Dairy Effluent snapshot 2014/2015 season (2MB)pdf


Water take compliance

Kaituna River


Water take compliance snapshot June 2018 (681KB)pdf

Water take compliance snapshot April 2018 (735KB)pdf