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Compliance Reporting

Bay of Plenty Regional Council have been using a 'snapshot' style of compliance reporting for resource consents issued under the Resource Management Act across a full range of activities for the past couple of years. For 2014/15 we built apon this and compiled this snapshot of compliance within the Bay in a geospatial format into one report. Click on the links below to read any of the reports. 

Pollution Prevention Compliance Report

02 Overall Compliance By Wma V2

Pollution Prevention & Compliance Report 2016/2017 (2.9MB) pdf

Pollution Prevention & Compliance Report 2015/2016 (2.14MB) pdf

Pollution Prevention & Compliance Report 2014/2015 (11432KB) pdf


Complaints and Enforcement

Spilt paint

Complaints & Enforcement Snapshot Summary 2014 (1.62MB)pdf

Complaints & Enforcement Snapshot Jul 2013-Mar 2014







 Dairy effluent compliance

Cow and calf

Farm Dairy Effluent Snapshot 2014/2015 season (2MB)pdf

Farm Dairy Effluent Snapshot 2013/2014 season (676KB,pdf)

Farm Dairy Effluent Report 2010/2011 season (399KB)

Farm Dairy Effluent Report 2011/2012 season (128KB)

Farm Dairy Effluent Report 2012/2013 season (390KB)


Earthworks small Earthworks Report 2011/2012 (156KB)                                  

Geothermal resources

Papakura geyser small

Rotorua Geothermal Resource Report 2008-2011 (365KB)    

Rotorua Geothermal Resource Report 2012-2014 (794KB)

Hydroelectric schemes

Matahina Dam Hydroelectric schemes Report 2010-2013 (108KB)                

Water use

Irrigation low res

National Water Regulations 2010 & Water Abstraction Compliance Report 2013 (65KB)

Wastewater and Industrial discharges

 Waste Water Discharge

Municipal Treatment Plants Snapshot  July 2011-June 2014 

Major Industrial Sites Compliance July 2011-June 2014