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Household fires

Practices to prevent excessive smoke

All home fires pollute the air. However an efficient, low-emission wood burner used correctly generates more heat and less smoke.

To get the best out of your fire:

    • Use dry wood. This gives more heat and causes less pollution.
    • Buy your firewood before winter. Store it so that air can circulate freely away from the rain
    • Start your fire with kindling. Add big pieces of wood once there is a good bed of embers
    • After starting a fire leave the air controls open for at least 30 minutes to help the wood burn well and build up a good temperature
    • Never burn rubbish, treated or painted timber. They release toxic chemicals
    • Leave the air controls on your wood burner open overnight to give out more heat rather than letting your fire smoulder. This keeps your home warmer and generates less smoke
    • Check the smoke coming out of your chimney. A clear emission usually means an efficient fire and less pollution.