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Wallaby identification tips

One of the smallest wallaby species, dama wallaby stand up to half a metre tall. They are grey-brown in colour with a paler grey underbelly. A thin white-silver stripe runs from under the eye to the nose.


Mature animals may have a patch of reddish brown colouring at the shoulder. Adult females weigh around 5 kilograms, while males can weigh up to 7 kilograms. 

Wallaby footprints are distinctive because of their long narrow hind feet, with a large central toe and two smaller toes either side. Sometimes their fore paws and tail will leave a print in between the two hind feet.

Wallaby droppings (faecal pellets) are about 20 mm long, teardrop shaped and usually found in a cluster of 5-10 pellets.

See photos below.

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Dama wallaby
 Dama Wallaby Side


Young (juvenile) dama wallaby
Juvenile wallaby


Dama wallaby mother with joey
Wallaby mother and joey


Dama wallaby footprint
Wallaby footprints


Dama wallaby droppings (faecal pellets)
 Dama wallaby faecal pellets