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Dama wallaby - unwanted pest

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Wallabies can damage forests, farms and native bush

Dama wallabies were released near Lake Ōkāreka in 1912 and have now become well established in some Rotorua forests.

It's hard to believe such a cute, shy animal could be a problem but they have a huge appetite for grass, seedlings and shrubs. They're nocturnal and cautious so they're very hard to find and catch!

Please report wallaby sightings

Do it online here or call 0800 STOP PESTS (0800 786 773)

We want to know if you've seen a wallaby outside the shaded area on the map below  i.e. anywhere west of Rotorua, east of Kawerau, south of Rainbow Mountain or north of Pongakawa Valley.

Together with Department of Conservation and Waikato Regional Council we're trying hard to keep dama wallabies within their current established range. We rely on reports from the public to be able to locate and remove wallabies from new areas.

Wallaby spread could have a real impact on our economy and environment, not just regionally but nationally!

Find out more about dama wallaby:

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Where are the wallabies?

This map shows how widespread wallabies were at the time of our last survey in 2007. We'll be using information from public reports and interviewing local residents and landowners to update this information in early 2016.

 Dama wallaby 2007 distribution map

 Click on map to view larger version (JPG, 6.96MB)