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Pest animal help

Rainbow LorikeetPest animals can have negative impacts on resources, natural environments, wildlife and commercial crops. All of New Zealand’s pest animals were brought here from overseas, either by accident or on purpose, and many have flourished in the absence of their natural predators.

The potential threat from and management approach to different pest animals in the Bay of Plenty is detailed in the Regional Pest Management Plan.

Pest FAQ

Pest identification and control

See our User guide to the Regional Pest Management Plan for photos and brief descriptions of a range of pests in the Bay of Plenty.

Also available are pest specific DIY control fact sheets.

General pest animal information is also available on the National Pest Control Agencies (NPCA) Pest Detective website.

FREE help services

Bay of Plenty Regional Council can help you manage pest animals on your property. We offer the following free services:Leg Hold Possum Trap

  • How to plan and do your pest management
  • Where to get materials and equipment
  • Help with identifying unknown pests
  • We can meet with you at your place, and tailor advice to your situation
  • Monitoring and surveillance of some pests
  • Assistance for some pest control activities
  • Project coordination with multiple landowners. 

Give one of us a call on 0800 STOP PESTS (0800 786 773) or send an email to

Who else can help?

Other groups may be able to provide pest animal advice or funding. The main ones are:

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