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Fact sheets

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Pest animal fact sheets  

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Fact sheet description Other useful links No. Size Type
Argentine Ants   PA19 96KB pdf
Bird control (Alphachloralose)   PA15 426KB pdf
Birds (Magpies)   PA14 451KB pdf 
Birds (Parakeets)     557KB  pdf
Birds (Rooks)   PA17 333KB pdf
Cats (feral)   PA18 381KB pdf
Goats (feral)   PA13 439KB pdf 
Hares   PA07 406KB pdf 
Mustelids (Stoats, ferrets, weasels)   PA11 564KB pdf
Pest Fish - Catfish                                         Aquatic pests web page PA23 319KB pdf 
Pest Fish - Gambusia   PA24 330KB pdf 
Pest Fish - Koi Carp   PA25 350KB pdf 
Pest Fish - Perch   PA22 358KB pdf
Pest Fish - Tench   PA21 336KB pdf
Pest Fish (Overview)                                               Check-Clean-Dry (MPI video) PA08 61KB pdf
Possums - Cyanide poison use for licensed operators   PA09 139KB pdf
Possums - Use of traps for possum control   PA10 151KB pdf
Rabbit control options     987KB pdf 
Rats   PA12 400KB pdf
Wallaby - Dama                            Dama wallaby web pages PA16 232KB pdf
Wasps   PA03 432KB pdf

Pest plant fact sheets 


Fact sheet description   No. Size Type 
African feather grass   PP07 446KB pdf
Alligator weed   PP32 755KB pdf
Apple of Sodom   PP23 367KB pdf
Aquatic pest plants (fact sheet)                                        Check-Clean-Dry (MPI video) PP13 556KB  pdf 
Aquatic - Pests in ornamental ponds                            Aquatic pests web page LM37  1.22MB  pdf 
Aquatic - Wetland pests   LM39  689KB  pdf 
Aquatic and farm - Clean your machine (hitchhiking plants)         LM38  1.29MB pdf 
Asiatic knotweed    PP22  429KB  pdf
Blackberry   PP04 375KB pdf
Boneseed   PP08  372KB  pdf 
Chilean rhubarb   PP24 429KB pdf
Climbing plants (various)   PP17 197KB pdf
Climbing spindleberry    PP25  430KB  pdf 
Coast tea tree   PP26 413KB pdf
Darwins barberry    PP27 418KB pdf
Ginger (Kahili and yellow)    PP02 486KB  pdf
Gorse    PP05 388KB pdf 
Green goddess lily    PP28 413KB  pdf 
Ground cover (Houttuynia, Wandering Jew / Tradescantia, Periwinkle, Plectranthus)    PP15 178KB pdf 
Horsenettle   PP31 635KB pdf
Italian buckthorn   PP29 406KB pdf
Kiwifruit - wild (fact sheet)                                       Kiwifruit Vine Health (KVH) web page   PP18 386KB pdf
Lantana    PP16  455KB  pdf 
Mistflower    PP14  258KB  pdf 
Noogoora bur   PP33 646KB pdf
Old man's beard    PP03 426KB  pdf 
Pampas    PP20 1.57MB pdf
Pine - Lodgepole   PP21(a) 437KB pdf
Pines (wilding)    PP21 1.54MB pdf
Poisonous plants                                                      National Poisons Centre web page PP19 244KB pdf 
Privet (fact sheet)                                                      Privet control quick tip video PP10 1.21MB  pdf 
Ragwort    PP06 419KB pdf
Royal fern
  PP30 418KB pdf 
Thistle - Nodding   PP11 1.46MB pdf
Thistle - Variegated    PP09 417KB  pdf 
Velvetleaf     978KB pdf
Woolly nightshade (fact sheet)                       Woolly nightshade control video PP01 732KB  pdf 
Yellow flag iris     PP12 446KB  pdf 

For plants not listed above, try the A - Z weed list  (Weedbusters)


Other pest management guides and references

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