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The following organisations have information about protecting heritage in the Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

We work with landowners to provide financial and technical assistance in the preservation or restoration of native vegetation as part of the soil and water conservation work. Can provide information of heritage areas, and advice about protection.

District/City Councils

Can provide advice and financial assistance with voluntary protection measures can lease or purchase areas deemed to have significant conservation values can be contacted at your local office.

Heritage New Zealand

Is the lead crown agency responsible for the care and protection of historic places in New Zealand can arrange heritage covenants for areas of historical value.

Maori Heritage Council

Was established under the Historic Places Act 1983 to specifically preserve Maori historic heritage assists iwi/hapu around the country with legislative mechanisms, process and strategies to enable the preservation, protection and management of Maori heritage in the region.

Department of Conservation

Is the lead crown agency responsible for conservation in New Zealand. They offer a range of conservation covenants and advice and can be contacted at your local office.

Queen Elizabeth II National Trust

Set up in 1977 to establish an Open Space Covenant to protect privately owned 'areas of land or bodies of water that serve to preserve or to facilitate the preservation of any landscape of aesthetic, cultural, recreational, scenic, scientific, or social interest or value.'  has since protected more than 55,000 hectares through setting up around 1500 covenants, including around 110 in the Bay of Plenty region, ranging from large areas to sites of less than a hectare.

Nga Whenua Rahui

Provides funding to help Maori protect land with significant indigenous forest on it.

Geological Society of New Zealand

Researches and provides information about places of geological importance.

Forest Heritage Fund

Established by the government in 1990 to help fund voluntary and permanent protection of indigenous forest on private land includes purchasing land where appropriate.

Address: P O Box 10420, Wellington
Telephone: 04 4710726
Facsimile: 04 4713018

New Zealand Native Forests Restoration Trust

Is a private voluntary organisation purchases land with the aim of protecting and restoring native forest.

Ducks Unlimited

Is a voluntary organisation dedicated to the preservation, restoration and maintenance of wetlands can provide financial assistance and advice regarding wetland preservation or restoration.

New Zealand Archaeological Association

Has recorded 52,000 archaeological sites around New Zealand and nearly 9,000 in the Bay of Plenty, Bay of Plenty Regional Council has the computer database CINZAS (Central Index of New Zealand Archaeological Sites Data Base) which identifies these sites. Provides advice about protection of sites.

Federated Farmers of New Zealand

Is a New Zealand wide organisation promotes the voluntary protection of natural values can be contacted at your local branch.

Fish and Game Council

Can provide specialist support and advice for landowners seeking to enhance wetlands or develop farm ponds for game bird habitat they can also assist with covenants can be contacted at your local area office.

Forest and Bird

Provides local conservation advice and co-ordinates community projects.

NZ Landcare Trust

Assists with and gives advice about Landcare groups.

What are covenants?

Covenants are legal agreements.

Covenants offer landowners the opportunity to provide long-term, voluntary protection for natural areas, while retaining the ownership and management responsibility of the land, with matters such as public access generally at the owners' discretion.

Any future or existing landowners are restricted in what they do with the protected area.