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Heritage Area Threats

While New Zealanders are becoming more environmentally-conscious, there are still many threats to our remaining heritage areas. These include:

  • Pest animals
  • Pest plants
  • Grazing stock
  • Subdivision
  • Fragmentation
  • Clearance
  • Drainage, reclamation and abstractions
  • Rubbish, waste disposal and discharges
  • Fire
  • Earthworks and tracking

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council Heritage Policy

The Resource Management Act (RMA) defines a heritage place as any place of special interest, character, intrinsic or amenity value or visual appeal, or of special significance for spiritual, cultural, historical (including archaeological), architectural, scientific, or ecological reasons (refer to section 189(2) of the Act).

Bay of Plenty Regional Council have a great resource of information on heritage in the Bay of Plenty region including forest, wetland, and coastal ecosystems, native fauna and protected natural areas, as well as archaeological sites.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council Heritage policy in accordance with the RMA states that the regional council will:

  • promote the protection of heritage places from inappropriate subdivision, use or development
  • avoid, remedy or mitigate any adverse effects of inappropriate use of the region's heritage resources, using a variety of methods.
  • identify and document heritage places
  • provide information to the public about where and what heritage places involve
  • educate the public about protecting heritage places
  • promote the restoration of degraded or modified natural habitats and ecosystems including indigenous biodiversity
  • promote communication and integration between organisations dealing with heritage