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Choosing a system

Things to consider when choosing an advanced wastewater treatment system (not a septic tank system):

Fixed Costs - When getting a quote, check if it includes delivery, and installation. Does it also include the irrigation system and pump?

Running Costs - Do these include electricity, maintenance, servicing, etc? Use the table on the Rotorua Lakes catchment page to get an indication of electricity usage of the models we have tested.

Servicing/Maintenance - How often is this required? What is involved? How much servicing is included in the purchase price? Who is available to repair the system if it breaks down?

Operation - Is it noisy? Does it smell? How does it handle peak loads - for instance for the extended family at Christmas time. Some chemicals and cleaners can cause the useful 'bugs' to die off, which can result in the entire system malfunctioning.

Size - How much space does it require?

Warranty - What guarantees are offered?

References - Check at least one or two references from people who own them.

Compliance with Regional Plan

Will the manufacturer take responsibility for ensuring that the system meets the regional plan requirements, including providing the necessary certification to Bay of Plenty Regional Council? Refer to rule 12 or 13 of the On-Site Effluent Treatment Regional Plan.