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Values of the resource

Geothermal areas within the Bay of Plenty region are valued for their vast quantities of thermal energy, mineralised fluids and increasingly for their:

Geothermal areas are valued for their range of uses, as well as for their intrinsic values. The values of our unique ecosystems, and Maori cultural and traditional uses, are significant to the region but are not easily quantified.

Some of the existing and potential uses include:

  • Geothermal tourism associated with surface features
  • Hot pools for bathing, cooking, and wellness and therapeutic health benefits
  • Direct use of geothermal energy for electricity generation
  • Heavy industry such as pulp and paper and solid wood processing mills
  • Heating of domestic buildings and water supply, including private pools
  • Heating of commercial buildings and water supply e.g. Rotorua Hospital
  • Space heating and frost protection for horticulture e.g. glasshouses and hydroponics
  • Land-based aquaculture
  • Mineral extraction e.g. silica
  • Conservation and scientific study that aids in the understanding of other resources and processes such as volcanic eruptions

Kawerau extractive use aerial photo with Putuaki courtesy of MRP 

Geothermal Power Station and Pulp and Paper Mill, Kawerau District