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Council’s Science Plan 2015-2018 includes the provision of core science advice to the Regional Planning activity, and a specific science plan for geothermal activities.

The estimated value of geothermal resources to the regional economy is hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Improved geothermal aquifer knowledge is therefore important to enable economic development and promote sustainable use, incorporating social and cultural information.

The Geothermal Science Plan work programme in 2015-2018 is based around six key projects that will help to achieve this:

  1. Improving the database for geothermal surface features.
  2. Additional geothermal surface feature mapping.
  3. Updating the Rotorua reservoir model and additional magneto telluric (MT) surveys
  4. Measurements of actual takes in Rotorua.
  5. Install a new monitoring bore in the Tauranga warm water field.
  6. Tauranga Basin reservoir model – update, calibrate and run scenarios.

1979 Papakura Geyser

Papakura Geyser in the 1970s, Whakarewarewa Geothermal Field, Rotorua

Image: © GNS Science

Monitoring at Waimangu

Pohutu Geyser, Whakarewarewa Geothermal Field, Rotorua

Image: © GNS Science