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Recreational Users Forums

One of the key actions of the Tauranga Harbour Recreation Strategy 2008 is the formation of a Tauranga Harbour Recreation Users Forum. The first forum meeting was held in Tauranga on 29 November 2010.

At the second meeting, also in Tauranga, on 16 March 2011, it was agreed that separate northern and southern groups would be formed and meet 3 - 4 times per year and that at least once per year the groups would hold a combined meeting. The purpose of the forum includes discussing strategic recreational issues facing the harbour and facilitating communication and co-ordination between different management agencies and recreational user groups.

Since the formation of the forum in November 2010, the northern and southern groups have met regularly. Below are links to meeting notes for the most recent forum meetings.

18 April 2012 - Northern Harbour Forum

Meeting notes - 18 April 2012 (Word,86Kb)


7 March 2012 - Southern Harbour Forum

Meeting notes - 7 March 2012 (Word 74 Kb)


11 February 2012 - Northern Harbour Forum

Meeting Notes - 11 February 2012 (Word 92.5 Kb)


26 October 2011 - Combined Nth and Sth Harbour Forum

Meeting notes - 26 October 2011 (Word 74Kb)


To find out more about the recreation users forums, contact Bruce Gardner on 0800 884 880.