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Case study - Ngati Awa Farm land-use change

Ngati Awa excited about new land-use project

In recent years, extreme rainfall events have taken their toll on Ngati Awa Farm, located on the fringes of the Whakatane and Ohope urban areas, and the Ohiwa Harbour.

Frequent heavy downpours have caused significant erosion on the farm's steep slopes and in the streams, causing economic, environmental and operational problems for its owner, Ngāti Awa Group Holdings.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council land management staff began farm assessment and planning work for Ngati Awa Farm in 2009. Farm managers have used the information and recommendations to drive land-use change and management decisions.   Examples of land use changes on the farm include conversion of pastoral land to tree production, steep pastoral land to indigenous forest and swampy pasture to wetland.

Ray Thompson, environmental manager for Ngāti Awa at the time, said the iwi is very pleased with the project.

"This has not only allowed for diversification of this land parcel owned by Ngati Awa, but it has also enabled us to use our lands in a more sustainable way," said Mr Thompson.