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Te Pourepo o Kaituna - Lower Kaituna wetland extension project

More fish, flax and flocks  

We're working with Department of Conservation, Fish and Game New Zealand, local iwi and the wider community, to re-create and maintain a new freshwater wetland between the Kaituna River, Tauranga Eastern Link and the Lower Kaituna Wildlife Management Reserve.

We'll do this in a way that maximises the ecological, recreational and cultural benefits.

 lower Kaituna wetland restoration concept

The image above shows the proposed area for wetland re-creation, subject to land aquisition and landowner approvals. The new wetland will be created by retiring paddocks from grazing, restoring water flow, and planting native wetland plants.

Our aims are to:

  • Create 45-80 hectares of new wetland
  • Protect and provide more habitat for native wildlife including fish and birds
  • Improve water quality through natural wetland filtration processes
  • Support Māori cultural values and practices  
  • Create opportunities for people to enjoy the wetland
  • Protect and enhance the existing wetland

When's it happening?

We hope to start work on the ground by December 2018.

The project focus for 2016 will be on gathering information, community consultation and concept design. We'll work on feasibility assessments, detailed design work and resource consent processes in 2017.

Latest news:

Why is it needed?

Wetlands provide important habitat for many threatened native plants and animals. They also help to keep streams and rivers clean by filtering run-off.

More local wetland means more wildlife. It could also mean increased opportunities for people to enjoy nature walks, cycling, birdwatching, gamebird hunting, whitebaiting or cultural practices like flax harvest and fishing for eels.

This new wetland restoration project will help to deliver on three key actions that were outlined in the Kaituna River and Ongatoro/Makeu Estuary Strategy

  1. Create at least 100 hectares of new wetland in the lower Kaituna catchment by 2018
  2. Develop a sub-regional or regional park in the lower Kaituna area
  3. Protect, enhance and showcase the Lower Kaituna Wildlife Management Reserve

What do you think? 

At a community meeting held in Te Puke on 11 May 2016, attendees gave feedback on the proposed project goal, outcome and concept plan as outlined above.

Further feedback is welcome. If you'd like to share your views, support or comments on the project please contact the Project Manager, Courtney Bell E: P: 0800 884 881 extension 8520.