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Background information - Kaituna re-diversion

Kaituna River and Ongotoro/Maketu Estuary Strategy

The Kaituna River and Ongatoro/Maketu Estuary Strategy was developed with the community in 2009.  The vision identified in the Strategy is:

"to ensure that as a wider community our policies and plans, our activities and actions celebrate and honour Kaituna River and Ongatoro/Maketu Estuary life as taonga - Whakanuia, whakamawawatia te mauri o te Kaituna me Ongatoro hei taonga."

The Regional Council has a number of projects that help implement the Strategy, including the Kaituna River Re-diversion Ongatoro/Maketū Estuary Enhancement Project.

Project goal and objectives

The goal of the Kaituna River Re-diversion Ongatoro/Maketū Estuary Enhancement Project is to significantly increase the volume of water (particularly fresh water) flowing from the Kaituna River into Ongatoro/Maketū Estuary by 2018 in a way that maximises the ecological and cultural benefits (particularly wetlands and kaimoana) while limiting the economic cost and adverse environmental effects to acceptable levels.

Project objectives

1. To work in an open, transparent and fair way that engages tangata whenua, the local community and other stakeholders and recognises their views and aspirations.

2. To determine the optimal path, volume and configuration of a Kaituna River re-diversion option that maximises ecological and cultural benefits while limiting economic costs and environmental effects to acceptable levels by modelling, expert advice, published literature and of pre-consent community consultation by February 2014.

3. To determine the optimal location, size, function, cost and restoration potential of at least 20 hectares of new wetlands to be created during the implementation of the re-diversion by February 2014.

4. To lodge applications for any consents, designations or other permissions required to achieve the project goal by June 2014.To obtain all consents, designations, permissions and land required to achieve the project goal by October 2015, subject to legal processes.To begin the staged implementation of consented works by October 2015.

5. To complete consented capital works by June 2018, subject to completing consenting and land acquisition processes.

6. To seek opportunities to achieve the non-funded actions in the Kaituna River and Ongatoro/Maketu Estuary Strategy through other council programmes or partnerships without compromising achievement of objectives 1 to 7, where such opportunities arise.

7. To report publicly on progress against all actions in the Kaituna River and Ongatoro/Maketu Estuary Strategy by 31 August each year.

The four key outcomes sought are:

  • Improve water quality
  • Restore healthy ecosystems
  • Ensure sustainable resource use
  • Support kaitiakitanga and local people's stewardship

Timeline of lower Kaituna River history and current project processes

Click on the image below for a larger version of this timeline. 

 History of Kaituna diversions sml

Resource consent documents 

Resource consent and land designation decision documents

Resource consent and Notice of Requirement application documents

Kaituna River Re-diversion and Ongatoro/Maketu Estuary Enhancement Project Notice of Requirement and Resource Consent Application, lodged July 2014:

Application Cover Page (pdf, 272KB)

Change Log (pdf, 193KB)

Volume A: Assessment of Environmental Effects

Volume B: Technical Reports

Volume C: Drawing Set

Further information:

Post lodgement documents:


Alternative Ford Road boat ramp and parking facilities Notice of Requirement and Resource Consent Application, lodged December 2014:

Assessment of Environmental Effects (pdf, 58.8MB) 


Hearing documents

Agenda for 4-8 May hearing on resource consents and NOR applications

Evidence briefs from project team

Technical reports

Technical reports that are available by contacting the Bay of Plenty Regional Council:

  • 1986 Bay of Plenty Catchment Commission Maketu Estuary Study Stage 1 Report KRTA 1986 (Objective id A1640741)
  • 1987 Julie Burton Thesis on Maketu Estuary tidal inlet hydraulics and stability (Objective id A1698891)
  • Ecology and Geomorphology of Maketu Estuary Bay of Plenty Thesis of Kenneth Murray 1978 Up to chapter 6 (Objective id A1671822)
  • Ecology and Geomorphology of Maketu Estuary Bay of Plenty Thesis Kenneth Murray 1978 Chapter 7 to end (Objective id A1671885)
  • Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Modelling of the lower Kaituna River and Mektu Estuary Thesis by Nigel David Goodhue (Objective id A73847
  • Kaituna River to Maketu Estuary Re-diversion Report Model Calibration and Initial Hydrodynamic Impact Assessment January 2009 (Objective id A226068)
  • Maketu Estuary Environmental Issues and Options Commission for the Environment Wellington NZ 1984 (Objective id A1637550)
  • Maketu Estuary Restoration Strategy A Proposal to Central and local Government Coordinated by Department of Conservation March 1989 (Objective id A1629567)