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Read about the current state of our coastal environment.


Aquaculture is the breeding and growing of animals and plants in the water. It can happen on land, in ponds or tanks, but most aquaculture in New Zealand is in the sea.

Coast Care

Coast Care Bay of Plenty is a community partnership programme, which uses local knowledge and enthusiasm to restore the form and function of the dunes in the Bay of Plenty.

Coastal Hazards

Coastal hazard management is a significant issue in the Bay of Plenty. Coastal hazards include, tsunami, storm erosion and storm flooding.

Coastal Permits

You may need a Resource Consent to carry out some activities in the Coastal Marine area.

Coastal Plan

Sustaining a beautiful coastline for all of us to use takes planning, rules and guidelines.

Coastal Monitoring

Bay of Plenty Regional Council established a coastal monitoring programme in 1990. Information collected allows managers to assess the present and potential impacts of consent related activities.

Kaituna River and Ongatoro/Maketu Estuary

The Kaituna River, wetlands and Ongatoro/Maketu Estuary are taonga - valued by the community for their clean water, healthy ecosystems, recreational and cultural values. Bay of Plenty Regional Council is working with other agencies to ensure there is an improvement in the sustainable management of valuable river and estuary resources through our policies, plans, activities and actions.

Rena response and recovery

Bay of Plenty Regional Council is managing the monitoring and future clean-up of any more oil spills from the CV Rena, which wrecked off the Tauranga coast in October 2011.

Community and environmental recovery is managed by the Ministry for the Environment.

Ohiwa Harbour

Ohiwa Harbour is one of New Zealand's most unspoilt harbours. The coastal margins are home to many rare and migratory birds.

Tauranga Harbour

Tauranga Harbour is a regional treasure. The sheltered waters of the region's harbours are a major attraction to many people. Locals and vistiors alike enjoy fishing, diving, and swimming within the clear waters of Tauranga Harbour.

Whakatane Harbour

The Whakatane Harbour is a river port primarily servicing a commercial and charter fishing fleet.

Managing Coastal Areas

There are several agencies responsible for managing coastal activities in the Bay of Plenty

Vehicles on beaches

Vehicles can have a dramatic effect on the natural character of the beach.

Marine pests

Unwanted marine invaders are a threat to our fabulous underwater environments, seafood stocks and aquaculture industry.They can also cause costly and unsightly damage to boat equipment, wharves and other marine structures.

They're easily spread by hull fouling and the exchange of ballast or bilge water.