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Hot Swap Success Stories

Hear how successful the Hot Swap loan has been for Rotorua residents.

Pellet fire heats up home quick and easy

Rob and Judy Walker upgraded to a pellet fire and do not miss their wood burner at all. Read about their story here or watch video below.

Upgrading to a new approved wood burner

Ann Yates upgraded to a clean burning wood burner and loves how it heats her home better while using less wood. Read about her story here or watch the video below.

Anne Sommerville wanted to ensure she complied with the Rotorua Air Quality Control Bylaw so used the Hot Swap loan to upgrade to an approved wood burner. Read about her story here or view the video below.

Gas fire warms the whole house

Asher and Ruthanne Nikora upgraded to a flame effect gas heater and have found it provides much more heat than their old open fire. Read about their story here or view the video below.

Heat pump makes home heating easy with a flick of a switch

Diane and Peter Stephens upgraded to a heat pump and love how easy it is now to heat their home.  Read about their experience here.