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Point of Sale Rule

From 1 May 2012 home buyers and sellers in Rotorua need to check wood burners and any indoor appliance that burns wood or coal are clean air approved. 

You cannot sell a property in Rotorua with burners that are not clean-air approved - they need to be removed before the property is sold.

NO open fire, potbelly stove, marshal heater, coal range or coal cooker is clean-air approved.

Is your wood burner clean-air approved?

Wood burners installed in the last five years should be clean-air approved. 

Easy ways to check if your burner is clean-air approved

Burner compliance plate

1. Look behind the wood burner and see if there is a tag or metal plate. 

Clean air burners meet the set emission rating (1.5g/1kg) and heating efficiency (greater than 65%) standards.

MFE Logo

2. Go to and see if your burner model is listed as an approved clean-air model.


3. Check the installation date of your burner. Wood burners installed after 1 September 2005 should be clean-air burners. 

If you are unsure when your burner was installed call Rotorua District Council on 07 348 4199.

If your burner needs to be removed make sure you complete the Point of Sale Rule Bylaw Compliance Form so the new owner can still apply for the Hot Swap loan to replace the heating.

Buying a home with a wood burner?

If you are buying a home with a wood burner check with the vendor or real estate agent that it is clean-air approved.  If not, the vendor needs to remove the burner or make the open fire inoperable. 

Ask for the completed Point of Sale Rule Bylaw Compliance Form and then you will be able to apply for the Rotorua Hot Swap to replace the heating in your new home.  You need to apply within six months of taking ownership of your property. Buyers and Sellers Guide


For more information see our Buyers and Sellers Guide to the Point of Sale Rule.