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Get firewood early

Is your wood good?

More than 50 percent of Rotorua households source their firewood well before the winter months, making sure it is ready to burn.

Wood takes at least six months to dry, so whether you buy your firewood or collect it, the earlier you get your wood the longer it has to dry.

Dry firewood burns hotter than wet wood so provides more heat for your home.  Burning dry wood also creates less pollution.

There are some easy ways for you to make sure your firewood is ready to burn:

1. Stack it well

Split your wood to a maximum thickness of 15cm and stack it loosely to let air flow through the pile. 

Also store it off the ground to protect it from ground moisture - a wooden pallet is ideal.

2. Cover it

Store your firewood in a sheltered place where it is protected by the weather. 

This is as simple as covering your wood pile with a tarpaulin.

3. Let it dry

Firewood takes at least six months to dry. 

Whether you source your own or buy it, make sure you get your firewood early. 

Sourcing dry firewood

Firewood suppliers usually sell dry wood. To make sure the wood you buy is dry, ask the wood seller:

  • Has the wood been stored off the ground?
  • Has the wood been protected from rain?
  • When was the wood split and stored?

Buying pre-dried wood will make your home warmer, prevent pollution and keep you, your family and Rotorua healthier.

The Regional Council independently tests Rotorua firewood. Click here to see the results from our mystery shopping.

How to tell if your wood is dry

  • Dry wood has cracks in the end
  • It weighs less than wet wood
  • When hit together two dry pieces of wood should make a noise like a loud hollow crack.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council has a wood moisture tester in the Rotorua office.  You can make an appointment to check your firewood is ready to burn by calling 0800 884 880.