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Bay of Plenty Regional Council manage's the region's air resource in a manner which ensures the maintenance and/or enhancement of air quality, while taking into account the needs of both present and future generations. Bay of Plenty Regional Council works with the Bay of Plenty community to ensure that the region's air is clean.

Rotorua air quality

Rotorua's air quality is poor. Find out about the work we are doing to meet government-set standards to improve air quality in the city's local air management area.

Air quality results

Bay of Plenty Regional Council monitors air quality in the Rotorua Local Air Management Area and reports any breaches of the National Environmental Standards.

Ambient monitoring

Bay of Plenty Regional Council carries out ambient monitoring under the Resource Management Act 1991.

Air consents

You may need Resource Consent to carry out some activities that could affect the region's air quality.

Air plan

The Regional Air Plan helps us control the discharge of contaminants in to the air in the Bay of Plenty.

Air pollution

Find out about Bay of Plenty Regional Council's work to prevent air pollution in the region.