The Western Bay of Plenty Bayhopper network improves reliability, on time performance, and has been redesigned to provide more direct routes and stronger connections between areas outside of the Tauranga CBD.

Current bus journeys are long and variable on many routes. The length of routes and lack of priority for our services means the services are increasingly unreliable. The network is designed to provide high frequency services into Tauranga’s CBD supported by high quality infrastructure.

Travel and journey times will be more direct with buses more regular. New technology will provide users with better information while bus lanes will provide for faster journeys to support the transport needs of a growing population.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council is committed to public transport moving towards a low carbon transport network and we will be transitioning to a low carbon fleet of vehicles starting with five electric buses rolling out across the network from early 2019.

Bayhopper bus
A Bayhopper bus.

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02 Jan 2017


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