We’re making Te Awa o Ngatoroirangi/Maketū Estuary healthier for people to swim and fish in.

We're restoring at least 20 percent of the Kaituna River's freshwater flows into the estuary. We’ll also be re-creating 20 hectares of wetlands around the estuary margin to help filter nutrients and create breeding areas for birds and fish. Construction work started in June 2018 and is due to be completed by June 2020.

Kaituna River and Ongotoro/Maketū Estuary Strategy

The Kaituna River and Ongatoro/Maketū Estuary Strategy was developed with the community in 2009. The vision identified in the Strategy is:

"To ensure that as a wider community our policies and plans, our activities and actions celebrate and honour Kaituna River and Ongatoro/Maketū Estuary life as taonga - Whakanuia, whakamawawatia te mauri o te Kaituna me Ongatoro hei taonga."

What's happening at the moment? 

Construction work is now under way and due to be completed by June 2020.

All of the resource consents and conditions for the project were finalised in an Environment Court decision issued in May 2016. All of the land acquisitions and detailed designs for the project have now been completed. See a map of publicly owned land around the estuary. 

On 29 March 2018, Regional Councillors awarded a contract for construction works to J Swap Contractors Limited. A public site blessing was held on Tuesday 12 June 2018, to mark the start of construction works for the project, see the video below.

Ford Road and boat ramp closures from 1 August 2018

  • Ford Road will be closed to all vehicle and pedestrian access from 1 August-20 December 2018.
    • Further traffic restrictions will be in place at Ford's Cut from 8 February to 27 May 2019 when the road will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm, Monday to Saturday. During this period, road access will be open all day on Sundays. On other days, members of the public that arrive before 7:00am will be permitted to spend the day at Te Tumu Cut at the coastal end of Ford Rd (also known as the
      Kaituna Cut) provided that they do not do not enter the construction zone - they will not be able to leave until the road re-opens at 7:00pm.
  • Ford Road boat ramp and the stop bank on both sides of Ford Road will be closed to the public from 1 August 2018-30 June 2020. Please use the alternative boat ramp at Bell Road during this time. 


Resource consent and Notice of Requirement application documents

Further information:

Post lodgement documents:

Technical reports

Technical reports that are available by contacting the Bay of Plenty Regional Council:

  • 1986 Bay of Plenty Catchment Commission Maketū Estuary Study Stage 1 Report KRTA 1986 (Objective id A1640741)
  • 1987 Julie Burton Thesis on Maketū Estuary tidal inlet hydraulics and stability (Objective id A1698891)
  • Ecology and Geomorphology of Maketū Estuary Bay of Plenty Thesis of Kenneth Murray 1978 Up to chapter 6 (Objective id A1671822)
  • Ecology and Geomorphology of Maketū Estuary Bay of Plenty Thesis Kenneth Murray 1978 Chapter 7 to end (Objective id A1671885)
  • Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Modelling of the lower Kaituna River and Maketū Estuary Thesis by Nigel David Goodhue (Objective id A73847
  • Kaituna River to Maketū Estuary Re-diversion Report Model Calibration and Initial Hydrodynamic Impact Assessment January 2009 (Objective id A226068)
  • Maketū Estuary Environmental Issues and Options Commission for the Environment Wellington NZ 1984 (Objective id A1637550)
  • Maketū Estuary Restoration Strategy A Proposal to Central and local Government Coordinated by Department of Conservation March 1989 (Objective id A1629567)

Project updates and monitoring

Project progress and monitoring results will be reported on annually and updates will be given to the community at quarterly public meetings. The last community update meeting, including a site tour, was held on 7 November 2018. The next one is due in early February 2019, check back here for details in January.

Key contact

For questions, complaints or feedback about this project, please contact the Project Manager, Pim de Monchy, on 0800 884 881 ext 8518 or use the feedback form below.

Sunrise at Kaituna River.
Sunrise at Kaituna River.

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15 Nov 2017


Project Updates

5 months ago

Presentation to Public Meeting

Presentation to Public Meeting on 1 August 2018


Presentation to public meeting 1 August 2018

Community group members considered and gave feedback on potential water quality mitigation bundles that will be used in scenario modelling.

They were introduced to the concepts and tools that are used for setting surface water minimum flows and allocation limits.

The group was also briefed on the current basis and asked for their feedback on current and potential options for groundwater allocation in Rangitaiki Water Management Area.

Read notes.


6 months ago

Kaituna Korero e-newsletter

Latest news about the project


Meeting notes: Workshop 6

Briefing notes and meeting notes from the group's sixth workshop, held on 20 September are now available online.

The group discussed catchment modelling assumptions and scenarios, They also explored land and water use values.


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