Land owners are responsible for land management on their property. Often a group of neighbours or people with similar interests form land or stream care groups to develop and carry out specific projects or to look after a specific area.

Support may be available from various agencies such as the Council, city and district councils, NZ Landcare Trust

Bird and plant identification


The NZ Landcare Trust's WETMAK - Wetlands Monitoring and Assessment Kit - includes 'how to' notes and recording templates. It can be found at Use it for:

  • Creating a management map.
  • Monitoring mini plan.
  • Photo points.
  • Wetland 'WOF' check.
  • Mapping wetland vegetation.
  • Weed survey.
  • Vegetation plots.


The FORMAK - Forestry Monitoring and Assessment Kit - was developed with support from the Minister for the Environment's Sustainable Management Fund.

All modules are available free of charge at and a free login service enables data to be stored, analysed and compared online. Modules include:

  • Site assessment.
  • Photo point.
  • Vegetation plot.
  • Bird count.
  • Pest animal transects.
  • Guidelines for plant and bird identification, map and compass use, location establishment and vegetation height estimation.