Find out about exclusion zones, and reserved and water ski access areas in the Bay of Plenty.

Exclusion zones

All previous directions relating to the closure of areas associated with the Rena salvage operation are withdrawn, with effect from 0800 NZST 05 April 2016.

From 0800 NZST 05 April 2016 the following areas are closed to vessels 500GT and over:



Bop Reefs And Exclusion Zones Update24022016


Reserved areas marker  

Reserved areas are marked with black and white horizontal banded posts.

These areas are reserved for priority use by certain vessels or for specific events or activities, such as water skiing or Personal Water Craft (PWC) areas.


Reserved area markers


Water ski access areas

Water skiers may exceed 5 knots within 200 metres of the shore within marked zones only.

  • Skiing from shore is only permitted within a designated ski access lane or reserved area.
  • All ski lanes operate in an anticlockwise direction.
  • You must enter and drop off on the right side of the lane as you face the land.
  • You must take off and exit on the right side of the lane as you face the water.
  • Vessels engaged in water skiing have priority in these areas.


water ski markers

Astrolabe Reef 2.0nm centred on position 37 32.446 S – 176 25.625 E
Brewis Shoal 1.5nm centred on position 37 34.136 S - 176 22.828 E
Okaparu Reef 1.5nm centred on position 37 34.914 S – 176 21.669 E
Penguin Shoal 1.0nm centred on position 37 26.752 S – 176 20.164 E
Volkner Rocks 2.0nm centred on position 37 28.624 S – 177 08.015 E

This notice is given by Peter Buell, Bay of Plenty Harbourmaster, in accordance with clause 3.11 of the Bay of Plenty Regional Navigation Safety Bylaw 2010 and section 33F(1) of the Maritime Transport Act 1994.

Any questions should be directed to the Bay of Plenty Harbourmaster on 0800 884 880.