Reducing greenhouse gas emissions will help to slow the impacts of climate change, and work towards an environmentally smarter Bay of Plenty region. 

Efficient homes, and better transport and energy choices are important factors that we can all work on.  

Be energy efficient by:

  • Insulating your home and hot water cylinders.
  • Using renewable energy sources rather than fossil fuels (for example solar heating).
  • Ensuring your home heater is fuel efficient.

Think about how you and your family and friends get around:

  • Keep your motor vehicle well tuned and well looked after.
  • Try cycling, walking or take the bus.
  • Form a car pool.

Reduce carbon dioxide in our air:

  • Don’t burn leaves in your garden – make compost.
  • Look after the trees in your area.
  • Whenever you can, plant a tree and look after it well.
  • Don't use aerosols that contain greenhouse gases.

These can have immediate spin offs of lower power bills, warmer and healthier homes, and improved fitness and wellbeing.