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Resource Consent Number RM17-0579: New Zealand Transport Agency

 Resource Management Act 1991

The following application for resource consent has been received by Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

The application documents, including an assessment of environmental effects, can be viewed at Bay of Plenty Regional Council, 87 First Avenue, Tauranga during normal office hours or on our website ( A CD copy can be requested from the Regulaoty Coordination Team of Bay of Plenty Regional Council, phone 0800 884 880.

Applicant's address for service

Application number RM17-0579. The applicant’s postal address is Bloxam Burnett and Olliver, PO Box 9041, Hamilton 3240, Attention Mr Steve Bigwood.

Nature of Application

The applicant, New Zealand Transport Agency, has applied for resource consents for the construction and operational activities associated with the Tauranga Northern Link (TNL). The TNL is a proposed 6.8 kilometre, four-lane relocation of State Highway 2 between Takitimu Drive Toll Road and Loop Road, Te Puna.

Details of activities applied for:

- Large scale earthworks, vegetation clearance, overburden disposal and disturbance and remediation of contaminated land;

- Installation of culverts within the road and within the beds of watercourses;

- Place, use and maintain structures over the bed of a stream or river (Wairoa River and Minden Gully Bridges);

- Damming and diverting surface water;

- Damming and diverting groundwater;

- Take and use surface water;

- Take and use groundwater;

- Drilling in the bed of a watercourse;

- Drilling below the water table;

- Temporarily and permanently divert and discharge sediment contaminated stormwater and surface runoff to land and water;

- Installation of discharge structures,

- Discharge of proprietary products for sediment and dust control to land;

- Installation of intake structures;

- Modify, destroy or disturb wetlands.

For a copy of the advert, application documents and submission form please click here.


Tauranga City Plan – NZTA15.

Western Bay of Plenty District Plan – D180.

Map reference NZTM: extending from Loop Road Te Puna at approximately NZTM: 1,870,191 : 5,823,420 and Takitimu Drive (Tauranga) at approximately 1,875,860 : 5,821,472.


Any person may make a submission on the application by sending a written submission to Bay of Plenty Reginal Council at PO Box 364, Whakatāne, facsimile 0800 884 882, telephone 0800 884 880, no later than 5.00 p.m. on Tuesday, 23 January 2018.

The submission must be dated, signed by you and include:

1          Your name, postal address, telephone number and facsimile number (if applicable).

2          Details of the application, including location.

3          Whether you support or oppose the application.

4          Your reasons for the submission.

5          The decision you wish the Regional Council to make.

6          Whether you wish to be heard in support of your submission.

A submission template can be downloaded from our website or submission forms are available from our offices.

A copy of your submission must also be served on the applicant at the address given, as soon as reasonably practicable. 

Dated at Whakatane Monday, 4th December 2017.

Mary-Anne Macleod