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Boaties asked to share the navigational channel

Monday, 30 November 2015 10:00 a.m.

It seems straightforward. The best way not to get run over by a merchant ship is to get out of the way and quickly. But some pilots are finding themselves in tough situations with some boats getting in the way.

To avoid collisions with these big ships, Bay of Plenty Harbourmaster Peter Buell is asking that boaties always steer well clear of these large vessels, to not cross ahead of them unless it’s clear by at least 500 meters and to always give way.  

“We share our waterways with a wide variety of commercial and recreational boats that vary hugely in size. For the most part this works well, but increasingly pilots of larger ships are finding boaties are not paying attention and are getting in the way.

“They are not able to stop or change course easily and often cannot see you. Boaties need to remain alert and take the time to understand their needs”, says Mr Buell.

He urges boaties to check out the Port of Tauranga shipping information schedules on their website before heading out and listen to channel 12 for shipping movements. He also encourages boaties to visit their Regional Council office to collect a Boating in the Bay of Plenty booklet as an up-to-date resource that captures local rules and how to stay safe on the water. 

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